Ray Mitchell Fuller
F Division
USS West Virginia

My father, Ray Mitchell Fuller was a seaman aboard the WeeVee in 1944 & 45.  Based on stories I remember, plus some documents I received after he passed away in 1994, he would have been aboard at the Battle of Surigao (spelling?) Strait, the invasion of Okinawa, and others. He was a member of the fire control party for some of the big guns. During one of the landings, he was involved in shore bombardment when one of my uncles (unknown to him at the time) was ashore with the Marines not over 300 yards or so from where the WeeVee's rounds were pounding some caves occupied by Japanese snipers.  If you have use for the materials, I can attempt to locate my copy of Dad's service record, etc. and see if I can scan and email them for your archives.


David R. Fuller

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