Howard G. Hare

USS West Virginia

Dear Mike,

With great joy I have found your site.  I have been collecting WeeVee stories and ship info for years, few are interested or care.  Please add my fathers name to the ships roster as he was a drummer in the ships band at the time of the attack. His name is Howard G. Hare. Also the names of his shipmates in the band-William Harten and Russell Tippits.  Please send me your address and I will make copies of what I have to send to you. Included are an unpublished account of the attack written by Mr. Tippits (50 pages) My fathers story: Briefly- He was trained with the Arizona band in Washington, but was reassigned to the WV. He was trapped below deck until the 2nd wave hit and emerged into what he thought was a "hail-storm" which turned out to be straffing. He helped Molly Kent re-create her brothers life at the Naval school of music for her book on the Arizona band. I also have diagrams of the torpedoes and converted naval shells used by the Japanese drawn by the man who invented them as well as numerous stories told to me by Pearl Harbor survivors over the years. Few of these vets are left and I'm glad I knew these men as I grew up. I'll never forget attending a private preview screening with 100 NY Pearl Harbor vets of "Tora,Tora,Tora" in 1970 and then listening to their stories and critiques for hours after the movie.  Easily the most interesting item is the computer enhancement of the japanese photos of the attack proving the existence of a midget sub. The photos prove that the first two hits on the WV came from this sub. Autometric did the study provided to me by Daniel Martinez ,historian for the Arizona memorial.  Looking forward to your response.

Roger Hare

An oil stained photo (front and back) which was taken from Howard Hare's locker aboard the USS West Virginia after the Pearl Harbor attack. (Click the images for a larger image)

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