Bernard A. Heesacker

USS West Virginia

Bernard Andrew Heesacker, Commander, born Aug. 17, 1921, Hay Springs, NE. Education: BSEE degree, USNA; (1941-42) USN Prep. School, Norfolk, VA; (1942-45) USNA, Annapolis; (1948-49) USN Submarine School, New London, CT; (1952-53) USN Electronics School, San Francisco, CA; (1953-54) AF Spec. Wpns. School, Sandia Base. Joined the military service May 21, 1940, with recruit training at USNTC, San Diego, CA.

Duty Stations: 1940-41, West Virginia (BB-48); 1945-46, New York (BB-34); 1946-48, Eugene A. Greene (DD-711); 1949-51, Greenfish (SS-351); 1951-52, Angler (SS-240); 1954-57, USN Guided Missile Unit; 1957-59, Runner (SS-476); 1959-63, COMOPTEVFOR & Spec. Proj. Off.; 1963-65, Observation Island (EAG-154).

Memorable Experience: (1960) being on board USS George Washington (SSBN-598) for first two successful Polaris Missile launches; (1963) when Pres. Kennedy boarded their ship to witness a demonstration of a Polaris Missile launch from a submerged submarine just seven days before his assassination.

CDR Heesacker retired Aug. 1, 1965. He received Secretary of the Navy Letter of Commendation. Married Geraldine Graves and they have three children and four grandchildren. They live in Daytona Beach Shores, FL.

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