Michael T. Bardin

USS West Virginia

Michael T. Bardin, Chief Carpenter's Mate, born Feb. 2, 1921, in Greensburg, KY.  He joined the USN in 1939 at Louisville, KY, entered basic training at Great Lakes NTS, Co. D, then assigned to the US S West Virginia.

During the Pearl Harbor attack, he was occupied in trying to save lives until he was instructed to leave the ship as it was sinking. He climbed down the side and got on the Tennessee which was inboard of the Wee Vee. The Arizona, directly behind the Tennessee, blew up and sent a wave of oil and water between the battle wagons. He left the Tennesse and swam through the oil to Ford Island.
He was quartered at Pearl Harbor RS for a week, then sent to the Medusa repair ship #1 to Guadalcanal to repair ships, covering the South Pacific. Transferred to shore duty at Seattle Pier 91 and was discharged Nov. 24, 1945, at Seattle.

Entered college and received his MA degree. Employed in school administration in the state of Kentucky. He and his wife have one daughter and two grandchildren.

Reprinted with permission from Turner Publishing

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