William Hubert King
FA Division
USS West Virginia


My name is Bill Adams, and I am the grandson of a USS WV sailor named William Hubert King (of Pike County in Kentucky). My interest in my grandfather's experiences during World War II has increased with all the hoopla over the new Pearl Harbor movie.

Long before he died, he told me that he was on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor. He had gotten up to go clean up for a church service only a short while before the Japanese attacked. After the WV was sunk, he abandoned ship, later joining the Missouri (I think). After that ship was also attacked and I suppose destroyed (?), he was assigned to the Reid for the remainder of the war. He named his first son John Reid King since he was so lucky to have survived on that ship.

I found your website, but I couldn't find his name on the crew member list. I'm not sure why, but I wanted to make sure that it was placed there. I just can't find anything about him being aboard the ship, and I wanted to make sure I'm correct about his being there. Any information (if any) you could provide would be beneficial to me. Thank you very much for your time.

Bill Adams

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