Robert J. Lasher
4th Division
USS West Virginia

Robert J. Lasher, Radioman 2/c, born Sept. 15, 1921, Chittenango Station, town of Sullivan in New York State. He joined the USN Aug. 23, 1940, and was stationed in the USS West Virginia, USS Phelps and USS Shamrock Bay.

Memorable experiences include action at Pearl Harbor, Bougainville, Coral Sea, Midway Island, Guadalcanal, Attu Island, Gilbert Island, Salamua and Lae (Philippines), Iwo Jima and Okinawa. His folks were notified by ADM Nimitz that he was "Killed in Action" at Pearl Harbor. He still has his own "Obituary" and a copy of the telegram sent to his folks.

RM2/c Lasher was discharged Aug. 22, 1946. He received seven medals and 11 stars.
Married Marian G. Miller on Aug. 28, 1945. They have a son, a daughter, three grandsons and three granddaughters. Employed with General Motors and Madison County. Hobbies are hunting, fishing trapping, gardening, highschool sports and Indian relic hunting.

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