Dale Ellsworth Lusk

USS West Virginia

Dale E. Lusk was a Pearl Harbor survivor on the USS West Virginia.

Lieut Lusk was born May 24, 1902, passed away July 3, 1957 due to cancer. He retired from active duty with the US Navy in 1946, fully retired in 1954. Dale enlisted in the navy in the Navy in 1924 and was assigned to the destroyer Huron and sent to Chinese waters. The Huron was the last of the coal burning navel vessels and as detailed to the Yangtze River patrol, the scene of several brushes with the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese trouble which preceded WWII. In 1927 he was transferred to the battleship West Virginia and served on this vessel until it was sunk at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

He was then transferred to the Dunlap, a destroyer in a fleet commanded by Admiral Halsey. The Dunlap was one of the destroyer escort of the flat top, the Enterprise. At that time Mr. Lusk had been promoted to chief boatswain mate. He later was on the American Legion in troop transport service and took part in the battle at Bougainville as a warrant officer.

He was commissioned as a lieutenant and assigned to Coronado near San Diego as an instructor in beach landings with the Marines, where he remained until the end of the war.

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