Hoye R. Midkiff
3rd Division
USS West Virginia

Hoye Midkiff was a Pearl Harbor Survivor on the USS West Virginia

His brother was also stationed there, so after Pearl Harbor was attacked, he could not find him. He had no clue if he was dead or alive. So regardless, he was on duty and had to proceed with orders. They had to go out into the ocean on boats and patrol the waters by checking all incoming boats and passengers. They were told that anyone who could not be identified was to be captured or
killed on spot. So one day while my grandpa was out there a boat came and they went to check it out and his brother was on that boat. He had received orders to return to Colorado or somewhere just a couple of days before the attack and was on his way back to Pearl Harbor. So out there in the middle of the ocean, they were reunited! It was pretty amazing. Both of them had been uncertain of the others well being.

From Amber Gonzalez - Granddaughter of Hoye Midkiff.

A photo of Hoye Midkiff with his wife an daughter

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