George Edward Milbourne

USS West Virginia

Hello There--
    I had no idea that a place like this existed !!!
      Being Memorial Day Week-end,  I decided to dig out my Dad's discharge papers and old photo's. And low and behold--The USS West Virginia jumped out at me from the page. I remember hearing stories as a child--of him being on deck the morning of the attack.  Just about to go ashore, when he was thrown into the water by the force of the bomb blasts. He said the water was on fire and that he was forced to swim under the flames.  Another bomb was dropped in close  and he suffered an underwater concussion. I don't know how he made it to shore but he was treated at the Naval Hospital there in Oahu and then transferred to Navy Hospital San Diego.  Sometime following the attack the doctors removed two thirds of his stomach, stress I suppose.  He then developed an ulcer in what was left of his stomach and when it spread to his pancreas it killed him. It took 18 years   He was 36 and  I was 7 years old.  I miss him everyday. My biggest regret is that his only Grandson and Great-Granddaughter.missed out on the pleasure of knowing him.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share. I'd sure be happy to hear from anyone who might be around to fill in some of the gaps that I was too young to hear about while he was alive.
        Sincerely yours,
Debbi Lynne (Milbourne) Anderson

June 16, 2001

My Dad was a Radar Operator and had enlisted in Kansas City Mo on April 3, 1941. Did his training at USNTS San Diego and his first ship was the USS West Virginia.  When he was discharged July 13, 1945 he was RdM2c service number 342-43-85. 

Debbi Lynne (Milbourne) Anderson

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