Lewis S. Bishop

USS West Virginia

Lewis Bishop is in this Officer's picture from 1940.

I am the daughter of one of the officers in this photo.  His name was Lewis S. Bishop and he became a member of the American Volunteer Group, Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault.  As you probably know this brave group defended China and the Burma Road from Japanese invasion, before and during World War II.  I have a copy of this photo.
My dad was an AVG ace with 5.2 victories.  On May 17, 1942 he was shot down over French Indo-China (Vietnam), had to bail out, and was captured.  On May 10, 1945, he and four Marines escaped from a moving prison train.  With the aid of Chinese peasants and Communist Chinese guerillas they made their way to American forces.  One of the Marines was Brigadier General John F. Kinney, USMC (Ret.), author of "Wake Island Pilot."  His book has references to my dad, Lew Bishop.
For more information on Lew Bishop, see  http://www.cnac.org/bishop01.htm

Shiela Irwin.

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