Bill L. Smith
I Division
USS West Virginia

I was a Crew Member of the USS West Virginia from March of 1944 till January of 1946, My Rate was Electronic Technician 1/C. I was in I (EYE) Division (Radar) My Responsibility was with all the Anti-aircraft Radars. Mark 12.Mk 22 Combinations on the Mark 37 Directors, known as Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky 3, and Sky 4. These were the directors that controlled the 5 inch 38 Guns I was assigned to the West Virginia right out of Radio Materiel School. The ship was in Dry Dock, Bremerton being totally refurbished at the time. I was there during all the action that the ship was involved in during its "War time Cruise". I have attended three of the Reunions but missed the last two. I have never met a crew member that I have known.
I really enjoyed reading the History of the ship and being reminded of all the things we went through.

Bill L. Smith

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