Billy Joe Boegen

USS West Virginia

Billy Joe Boegen, born in Hamilton TX Apr. 23, 1924. Enlisted into the Navy Oct. 27, 1941 in Dallas TX.

Billy transferred to the USS West Virginia on June 16, 1942 after the sinking of the USS Yorktown and then was relieved as messman on Nov 30, 1942 and transferred again on Feb 23, 1943 to the USS Salt Lake City. On Jan 17, 1944 he was transferred to the USS Cassin Young and was wounded and died in action on July 30, 1945.  Billy
was buried in Okinawa, and then 3 years later brought back to the states and is buried now in Dallas TX

See some information about Billy Joe Boegen at the USS Salt Lake City web site.

Info submitted by Debbie Christie-Rogers
Billy Joe Boegen's First cousin twice removed

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