John W. Woodward

USS West Virginia

John W. Woodward was a Pearl Harbor Survivor on the USS West Virginia.  He was mistakenly reported killed in the attack.  His brother Peter Woodward was also on the USS West Virginia.


The following is a transcription of a newspaper article reporting John Woodward's loss at Pearl Harbor.

Woodlawn Youth Lost in Action With U. S. Navy
Family Has Three Other Sons in Country's Armed Forces
     A valley family was one of the first in Greater Cincinnati to make the supreme war-time sacrifice, the loss of a son in action.  News of the death of John Wesley Woodward, Seaman Second Class, was received by his family in Woodlawn, Tuesday Morning.
     Mrs. Peter Woodward Sr. Chester and Marion roads received a telegram giving a brief account of her sons death.  "The Navy Department deeply regrets to inform you that your son John Wesley Woodward. Seaman Second Class U.S. Navy was lost inaction in performance of his duty and in the service of his Country", the telegram read in part.
     The Woodwards have another son, Peter Jr (also of the West Virginia) a petty officer in the Navy who is also in the war zone.  Two other boys, Robert and Charles are in the Army in Southern training camps.  John who was 18 years old was the youngest of eleven children.  He was a member of the Wayne Avenue Methodist Church in Lockland.  In addition to the four in the armed service of the country there are three other boys and four sisters.  Peter Woodward Sr., the youths father, is employed at the Gardner-Rcihardson Co. Lockland.
     John graduated from the Woodward lawn school and after working a year decided to follow his brother's footsteps in the Navy.  After his initial training he was assigned last July to his brothers ship (West Virginia) in the Pacific Fleet.
     The telegram from the Navy department requested that to prevent any possible aid to the enemies that the family not divulge the name of the ship or its station.  It further stated that if the remains were received they would be interred temporarily in the locality where the death occurred.


This is an article when the Navy realized that John Woodward survived pearl harbor

The Transcript reads
Youth, 'Lost' At Pearl Harbor Assures Parents It Isn't So
Sailor from Roselawn on Special Mission When Jap Attack Hit Hawaiian Base
    The Woodwards of Woodlawn have cause for celebration.  One of their fighting sons has returned home - "returned from the dead."
     The visitor is John Woodward, 20, who was listed as killed during the attack on Pearl harbor, then later was found to be alive.
     John and six other sailors in a small boat, early that fatal Sunday morning, were on their way to pick up some naval officers.
     In the confusion that followed the attack, the sailors were listed as killed, although they turned their names into officials on two occasions.
     Thus it was that John's parents Mr. and Mrs. Peter Woodward. Chester Road, Woodlawn, mourned his death for a week after Dec. 7.  they will probably never again know such happiness and relief as when they were informed that "The Navy Department is pleased to advise you that late reports received advise us that your son, previously reported as lost, in now reported as a survivor."
     John, a gunner's mate second class, has been stationed at Pearl harbor since the attack, and has returned to this country for a new assignment.
     While in Hawaii he often saw his brother Corp. Carl Woodward who is there with the Army.  Two other brothers also are on foreign soil. Pfc Robert W Woodward, 29 with the Army infantry in North Africa and Peter Woodward (also of the West Virginia) boatswain's mate second class, with the Navy in Australia.

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