Carl Lindsey

USS West Virginia

Carl Lindsey, Electrician's Mate 1/c, born Dec 7, 1922, Sherman, TX.  Elnisted in a "Kid's Cruise" in November 1940 in Dallas, TX:  attended boot camp at NTC San Diego; then Electrical School, San Diego.  He was serving in the USS West Virginia in Dec. 7, 1941, (his 19th birthday) and forced to abandon ship after numersous hits.

    Reassigned to the USS New Orleans two days after Pearl Harbor attack and served through bettles of Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal, Tulage Landings, Eastern Solomons, Tassafaronga, Wake Island and Marshall Islands.  During the battle of Tassafaronga the ship lost entire bow, including turret one guns and 180 shipmates.  After beaching for temporary repairs by the crew, the ship headed back for Australia (mostly astern) where a temporary bow had been built and waited for them.  He was discharged in December 1945.

    Married Shirley McMullen in January 1946 and has remained in the San Diego area ever since.  Spent 20 years with General Dynamics in electronics supervision and owns a motel.  Has one daughter, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  He is now retired and lives in La Mesa, CA.  He enjoys golf.

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