Albert E. Boyd
S Division
USS West Virginia

Albert Eddie Boyd, Storekeeper l/c, born Dec. 21,1919, Girard, KS, moved to Amarillo, TX, in 1926; graduated high school and enlisted in the USN in November 1940. He went aboard the USS West Virginia in Long Beach, CA, in January 1941.

He was aboard the West Virginia Dec. 7, 1941. After abandoning ship, he swam to the NAS on Ford Island. While belting and carrying 50 cal. machine gun ammunition, he received cut up feet from running around on broken glass, but never realized that he was hurt until after the attack. He received first aid and his feet were bandaged, but he was unable to wear shoes for 10 days. The Purple Heart was never awarded.

Upon discharge from the USN in 1946, he settled in Portland, OR, and worked for the Union Pacific Railroad until retirement in 1984.
He has two grown daughters living in Portland, OR, and one grandson. He returned to Amarillo, TX, in 1990. He has five step-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren in Amarillo. He married Marguerite, his high school girlfriend who had lost her husband shortly before his first wife, Delia, passed away. Hobbies include hunting, fishing and gardening.

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