Frank E. Reistad

USS West Virginia

Frank E. Reistad, Radioman 2/c, born Dec. 25, 1910, Basswood, WI. Completed high school in 1929; attended University of Wisconsin for part of 1929-30 until depression caused loss of part-time job. Joined the USN May 3, 1931, and went
to boot camp at Great Lakes NTS. He chose Radio School at San Diego Training Station, then was assigned to the battleship USS West Virginia as "RDO Striker" in 1935.

He extended his enlistment four years and made RM3/c in 1935, RM2/c in 1937. In 1937 and 1938 he was assigned to the flag allowance and was "day watch" supervisor. They won the "E" for their battleship division those two years. He took an early discharge on Feb. 27, 1939, and received the Good Conduct Medal.

Married June 2, 1945 and has one daughter and two grandchildren. Employed with Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control in FLT. Service Station until retirement on March 17, 1973. He enjoys golf and sports.

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