Harvey J. Smith, Jr..

USS West Virginia

Harvey “Snuffy” Smith, Jr., was a 1940 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. 

Upon graduation, Snuffy's first duty was in WEST VIRGINIA, which was terminated with a swim across Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Then followed a two-year tour in TENNESSEE. Next came Sub School and assignment to TINOSA with duties ranging from J.O. to Exec in the conduct of six war patrols and the receipt of both the Silver and Bronze Star. Next came command of BARBERO and the end of World War II.

In September, 1946, Snuffy went to sea as XO of CHUB and married Florence Porter of Watsonville, California. He immediately set sail for the Western Pacific and North China (Tsingtao). In early 1947, the Smiths reported to the Naval Academy for duty as C.O. Small Craft Facility and welcomed their only daughter, Nan. In 1949, they returned to the Pacific with daughter plus first-born son, Gregory, (father absent for this birth) for one year in GREENFISH. Thence to BUGARA as C.O., and another trip to the Western Pacific during the Korean conflict. Second son, Bartley, arrived during this tour -- again with father absent.

In 1952, it was off to New London for five years with duty as Sub Base E & R Officer, Budget Officer, Industrial Relations Officer, Squadron Ops Officer, and finally as a Division Commander. In 1957, the Smiths headed west to Mare Island for duty as Chief Staff Officer Sub Ad and in 1959 proceeded to Peru as Chief of the Naval Mission. 1962 took the family to Key West for Snuffy to command BUSHNELL. Onward to Washington in 1965 to the Office of the Secretary of the Navy and subsequent retirement.

In 1966, Snuffy went to work for Lockheed at Sunnyvale in the Ocean Systems section of R & D and the Smiths settled in Los Gatos, CA. The Lockheed years (14 in all) encompassed many assignments, such as Chief of Safety and Certification for all LMSC Marine Products which included the design and construction of the Navy's DSRV. This and other Sub Sea Systems involvement led to receipt by Snuffy of SAFE Society's National Hydrospace Award for 1971. The major assignment at Lockheed was as Operations and Program manager of a multiple unit operation involving the Hughes Mining Barge (HMB) and the Global Marine-GLOMAR EXPLORAR for operations in the deep Pacific Ocean.

Source: US Naval Academy Class of 1940


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