Robert C. Woolley

USS West Virginia

After High School, Bob worked for 2 years before enlisting in the US Navy at NRS Chicago, IL January 1928. He was assigned to Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, IL, as an Apprentice Seaman. After USNTS Great Lakes they assigned him to U.S.S. West Virginia in March of 1928. RCW served on the U.S.S. West Virginia until 1932. Meet his wife to be in LA California.

Discharged out of Bremerton, WA in 1932 and went back to LA. Worked as a truck driver for awhile then married Matilda (Tillie) DiRico in a small chapel in LA. They then went back to Aurora but could not find work so went on to Camden, NJ where Tillie's family lived. In Camden he found work at Campbell Soup Company. During WWII it was considered a defense job. During the war he served as an Air Raid Warden. He worked at Campbell Soup for 40 years, retiring at age 65. He and his wife Matilda moved to Green Valley, AZ. He passed away in September of 1984 at age 75.

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