William Garnett Christian
S Division
USS West Virginia

William Garnett Christian was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

William Garnett Christian was born in Bluefield, West Virginia.  His family moved to Harriman Tennessee where he was raised.  Garnett is the name that he went by--he was born on October 30, 1916 and went into the Navy in 1935. He was a Baker Second Class aboard the USS West Virginia on Dec.7, 1941. I was always told that he was in the kitchen( I know that is not what is is called) preparing food when the ship was hit that morning. He had a wife and a four year old son and the last time he saw them was on January 20, 1941. In a letter to his mother dated November 29th,1941 he wrote saying that" the ship was supposed to have gone back to the states three times but something always happened to keep us from going" this was the last letter that he wrote to his mother before he died on Dec. 7th. He was due to get out of the Navy in February, 1942, just 3 months before he died. Garnett was 25 years old when he died. I will sent a picture of Garnett at a later date--just want to see some information under his name--my daughter said when she pulled up his name, it looked so empty and her first thought was that it was saying " someone tell them something about me". I understood what she meant when I got to his name and the way I feel as I pull up all the names with nothing on them, especially the ones that died on December 7, 1941.    
     Garnett has one sister and one brother left today and not long ago his sister Jenny told me that he was a fun person to be around, always joking, a little mischievous--played the guitar and sang.    Thank you again for all that you do on this site.    

Sheila Christian Blais (niece)     

I would like to add to the wonderful memoriam my mother (Sheila Christian Blais) wrote about Garnett Christian.  On October 26, 1999 I had a little boy whom I named Michael Garnett in honor of William Garnett.  Michael was actually due on Garnett's birth date, but he came a few days early.  My husband and I had decided upon the name Michael Garnett before we ever knew that information.  I also later learned that Michael, the archangel, is the patron saint of soldiers at war.  Although I never met my Great Uncle William Garnett Christian, I feel as if he has let us know that he is watching and approves!
                                                      Michelle Blais Benton

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