Wayne Robert Cissna
A Division
USS West Virginia

My name is Wayne Robert Cissna and I boarded the WeeVee on November the 15th 1940 at the Bremerton Navy Yard.  I was assigned to the A division and then assigned to the forward Pump room with Clifford Olds and Frank Steve Kosa by Fred Patti a machinist 1/c and James Belvin also a machinist 1/c.  We stood each a 8 hour shift when at sea and our general quarters station was the forward pump room.  When in port since no pumping was required I was assigned as motor launch engineer in the 50 foot motor launch.  every other day I went on duty in the launch and was so doing on the 7th of December 1941.  The two sailors who were trapped with Clifford I don't remember and they were probably poker buddies since we played a lot of poker in the forward pump room and guys from all over the ship came down there regularly.  Clifford always had stashes of canned fruit etc.  He kept them under the bilge covers.  Where it all come from I don't know, I believe he traded with cooks and store keepers who played poker with us to get these.
ON the day of the attack I was engineer in the launch and about 7:45 we returned to the Wee Vee with the liberty party.  Frank Steve Kosa was pretty drunk and I helped him up to the deck and laid him on a bail of rags in the passage way.  We then took the launch around to the bow boom and climbed up to the forecastle to go get Frank and have breakfast when the first plane came over and started bombing the hanger on Ford Island.  The Bugler blew away fire and rescue I believe because the hanger was afire so we started back to the launch which was our station.  I later saw Frank Kosa at the recreation center and later I found out that he went onto a Destroyer and it was sunk in the Coral Sea Battle.  Since I am the only survivor of the pump room gang I felt you needed these facts.
                                         Wayne Robert Cissna

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