John J. Annis
F Division
USS West Virginia

Dear Sir, I am forwarding two photographs and information provided by my
cousin, John J. Annis of N. Carolina.

The photograph of the three sailors was taken at Pearl in 1945. John is the
sailor on the right. The other two men are unidentified but were ship mates
aboard the Wee-Vee.

I will soon be making a web page about John and including more photographs.
I will send the link if you desire

History -

John Annis was born July 11, 1925 in Kansas City, MO, the son of James
Bernard and Elizabeth Pearl (Griffin) Annis. He graduated from High School
at Lowry City, MO in 1942, and soon after, in July 1942, the young graduate
enlisted in the United States Navy at Kansas City. In the darkest days for
this nation during World War Two he was sent to the Pacific Theater of
Operation and participated in many campaigns during the "island hopping"
road to Toyko. These battles included: Russell Islands (Tarara & Makin),
Marshall Islands (Roi & Namur), Leyte and Luzon (Philipines) landings and
also engaged in the surface battle of Surigao Strait; Iwo Jima; Okinowa & Ie
Shima, the 1st strike at the major Japanese supply base on the island of
Truk, and on to the occupation of Japan. John was in Tokyo Bay, aboard his
ship, the battleship USS West Virginia and very near the battleship USS
Missouri, when Japan signed the formal surrender papers.

Tragically, John's brother, James Bernard Annis, was killed in action in the
closing days of the war while serving aboard the ill-fated USS Indianapolis.
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After the war John also participated in the Atom bomb tests at Bikini aboard
the USS Saratoga, a target ship.

John writes: "Out of the Navy in 1946 - I went to San Diego State University
for a while, then married Maxine Christenson in Yuma, AZ on Halloween night,
1947. We had 3 children (Timothy John, Michael Lee, and Jenette Lee) Timothy
was in the Army in Viet Nam (Engineers) Lee (Michael) was lost in a crash
while on maneuvers in Germany. He was stationed at Stuttgart. He was named #
1 Soldier on occasion. Jenette (Ginger) and her husband live in China Grove,

After being discharged from the Navy John worked in security at Los Alamos,
NM. as a Security Inspector for the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) and later
was transferred to a ballistic range at Salton Sea, CA as Chief of Base
Security. He was next invited to the California Highway Patrol academy,
which he accepted, and after graduation from the academy he was assigned to
Imperial County (CA)with offices in El Centro. In 1954 he was assigned to
the San Diego Office of Special Details.

John continues: "I attended various colleges and instruction sessions,
obtained lifetime teaching credentials, and taught Driver Education courses
in Community College. I enjoyed every minute of the Patrol but don't think I
would last in the high tech law enforcement efforts of today. After
retirement I also worked at Glacier National Park in Montana as Manager of
Transport and later as the Field Agent representing the concessions at the
park and also Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. Also worked
in transportation on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park for 1
year. Traveled all 48 states in a 35 foot 5th Wheel RV and enjoyed and have
enjoyed life. Maxine and I celebrate our 52nd anniversary on the coming

John also had the distiction of driving Presidential candidate Senator John
F. Kennedy during his campaign in San Diego.
During the Viet Nam War, John was also assigned to lecture Traffic Safety to
returning servicemen. This task involved meeting the returning ships at sea
, transfering aboard ship, and holding classes for the men to prepare them
for a safe return to United States freeways and streets.
John Joseph Annis is an excellent example of an Annis family member who has
always upheld the quiet dignity of our family by efficently, and honorably
completing his tasks with great regard for duty. He is a credit to his
family, the United States Navy, the California Highway Patrol and his
John is a Honorary Lifetime member of the Annis Family Association.

1. Timothy John Annis, born January 28, 1949
2. Michael Lee Annis, born September 2, 1950
3. Jenette Lee Annis, born October 3, 1954

John's lineage is: James Bernard Annis {1888-1968}, James Lee Annis
{1863-1925}, Levi Annis {1830-?}, William Annis {1791-c.1849}, Benjamin
Annis {1758-1844}, Rolfe Annis (1734-?},John Annis (1700-c.1771}, Abraham
Annis (1668-1738}, Cormac Annis {1638-1717}

Best regards

Michael James Annis
Founder and Membership Secretary
Annis Family Association

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