Robert H. Ehm
A Division
USS West Virginia

Robert H. Ehm, Lieutenant Commander, born July 3, 1914, Brooklyn, NY, attended the University of Delaware for one and one-half years and enlisted in the USN Feb. 18, 1936.  He went through boot camp in Norfolk and after Machine Shop School was assigned to the USS Medusa for six months further training. 
      In June 1937 he was assigned to the USS West Virginia, A Div. Machine Shop.  On December 7 he was on watch in the engineering spaces as machinist mate 1/c when the ship was torpedoed, bombed and ultimately sunk.
      After several months and ships, he reported back aboard the West Virginia as part of the salvage crew.  Qualifying as a USN diver he participated in the raising of the ship, the clean up and repair and the sailing of the ship across 3,000 miles of open ocean to the Navy Yard in Bremerton, WA in May 1943.
      In July he was ordered to a new destroyer escort and commissioned an ensign in October.  In 1946 he participated in both Atom bomb tests at Bikini Atoll.
      Memorable experiences include Pearl Harbor; Bikini; and amphibious operations with Chang Kai Check's marines.
      He retired in 1956 with the rank of lieutenant commander.  He received the usual awards and decorations.
      He and Clare reside in Riverside, CA.  He retired from Bank of America and Brinks International Air Courier.  He enjoys traveling. 

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