Maurice Featherman

USS West Virginia

Maurice Featherman, Lieutenant Commander, born Nov. 29, 1916, Natick, MA.  Education: BS degree from University of Massachusetts, USN Midshipmen, USS Prairie State.  Joined line (ensign) in June 1940, commissioned in February 1941 and stationed in USS West Virginia and USS Oglala.
     Memorable experiences: During Pearl Harbor attack he was in turret 3 when 1500 lb. armor piercing bomb came through roof of turret, but didn't explode.  It struck the breech of the 16# gun in the left gun room and split open, spilling its main powder charge which ignited and burst rather than exploded.  There were at least 20 men in the turret; one was struck by part of the bomb and killed and two others were injured.  Lt. Cmdr. Featherman was discharged May 20, 1946, and received all the usual campaign ribbons.
     Married Selma Slesinger and has two children and two grandchildren.  Employed as sales rep of paper products.  His hobby is tennis.

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