Why a web site?

Welcome to the USS West Virginia Web Site.  This web site has been developed as a tribute to the sailors and Marines who served aboard the ship from her commissioning on December 1, 1923 until her decommissioning on January 9, 1947.  Beginning in 2000, this web site was developed as a resource for those seeking information about the USS West Virginia and the events of World War II.  There continues to be a wealth of knowledge available from various sources including veterans' first hand knowledge and written materials which would take the better part of a lifetime to absorb.  This web site put the questions out there in the hope that answers could be found.  As the years go by, we lose many World War II veterans and sites like this remain to tell the stories of those veterans' experiences. This web site has become an outstanding resource for information about the USS West Virginia with support from veterans and family members for over 20 years. Please enjoy this collection of information.

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